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Why use net spin?

Using spin can make your net shots more effective. Let’s see how it works.

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A spinning shuttle is difficult to control

If your opponent hits the shuttle while it’s still spinning, they can lose control of their shot. Hitting the feathers is particularly bad, but even if they hit the base it’s still difficult. The shuttle can fly off in unexpected directions.

Of course, your opponent can just wait for the spin to drop out before hitting the shuttle. But this means they are taking the shuttle much lower down, which gives you an advantage.

Spinning net shots fall tighter

Adding spin causes the shuttle to fall tighter to the net, because it is less aerodynamic when spinning. In general, tight net shots are more threatening to your opponent than net shots travelling deeper into court.

However, spin isn’t always better

Spinning net shots can cause your opponent a lot of trouble, but that doesn’t mean they are always better than simple net shots.

Because spinning net shots require more skill, you can expect to lose some accuracy. This is one disadvantage.