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I called this site the Badminton Bible because I want to create an authoritative and comprehensive reference work for learning badminton.

Badminton is a technical sport, and most players simply don’t know the correct techniques. Not every player has a coach, and not every coach’s teaching is correct. This site helps players to learn for themselves.

Although there are many other guides to badminton on the internet, few of them are accurate and well-written. The internet is saturated with low-quality, effortless publishing. I want to make something better.

Why should you trust me?

My advice is based on reputable sources

I base my advice on three main sources:

  • Official coaching recommendations from Badminton England
  • The advice of world-class coaches — either from meeting them in person, watching a video, or reading an article
  • My own careful observations of world-class players

I carefully compare information from these sources, analysing them and checking for consistency. Most of the time, they match up. When there is a conflict, I look for more information; but I also give more weighting to what professional players actually do.

I present both sides of the argument

Sometimes it’s not completely clear who is right. Even at a high level of play, there’s room for different approaches. When I see merit in conflicting views, I present both sides of the argument, and let you decide for yourself.

I’m not perfect, but I am open-minded

Everyone makes mistakes. I can’t guarantee that every item of advice I offer is 100% accurate.

I’m always looking for new information, however. I’ve changed aspects of my teaching in the past, and I’ll make more changes in the future.

I believe that responding to new information is a strength, not a weakness.

Who am I?

My name is Mike Hopley.

I am a Badminton England coach (level 2). Since starting coaching in 2005, I’ve coached various different groups:

  • Adult club players
  • Primary and secondary school children (an age range of 9–18)
  • Adults with a wide range of neuro-spinal disabilities

I have a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University. Consequently, I trust numbers and mistrust words. Both characteristics have proved valuable.

And yes, that is me in the photographs and videos. I can’t afford to hire beautiful people, so you’re stuck looking at me.

I probably like bright orange badminton shirts more than you do. I blame this dubious fashion sense on a childhood spent in Japan.

Thanks and acknowledgements

I’d like to thank all the coaches and players I’ve been involved with. I’ve learned a great deal from you, especially at events such as Surrey and England coaches’ conferences.

Many thanks to the Badminton England coaching representative who explained the details of Badminton England grips teaching. Your patience with discussing gritty details helped me enormously. Because you prefer to remain anonymous, I can’t give you a personal acknowledgment; but thank you nonetheless.

Thank you to various sports centres and clubs for allowing us to take photographs or videos on their badminton courts:

  • Dorking Sports Centre
  • Ebbisham Sports Club
  • Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and Horsham-Arun Badminton Club

Thanks to IconDrawer for their free flag icons.

Special thanks

A special thank you to my dad, Phil Hopley, who has been instrumental to the project.

While I am grateful to everyone who has helped me, only Phil has been essential. Without him, this project would have crumbled. His roles have included:

  • Cameraman
  • Business advisor
  • General sounding board
  • Emotional support

…and many others. Although it’s my name plastered over the Badminton Bible, Phil deserves much of the credit.