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Basic footwork for rearcourt backhands

You need to turn your body and move towards the corner. The basic footwork is: split, step, lunge.

Backhand clears: stop or follow through?

When you hit a backhand clear, should you stop or follow through? Maybe the answer is not as simple as you think!

Fine-tuning the grip for backhand clears

As you get better at backhand clears, you may find it useful to change your grip slightly.

Wrist angle for backhand clears

Players often lose power because they over-extend their arm. Keep an angle at the wrist instead.

Backhand clears intro

Backhand clears are a difficult shot to master; but if you keep working on the technique, you can get there.

Forehand clears: stepping through

Let’s go back to our basic practice for clears. What should you do with your feet, when you are hitting?

Basic practice for forehand clears

Let’s look at the basic setup for practising clears. We want to make it as easy as possible.

In to out spin: improving the technique

Let’s use a more advanced technique to create more spin and improve control.

How to hit a full-length forehand clear

Most players have difficulty clearing the full length of the court. This is an essential skill. Let’s take an overview of the whole technique.

“Drawing circles” to help learn lift technique

We know that forearm rotation should be used, but it can be hard to get the timing right. Let’s look at a simple exercise that can help.