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Net kill basics

Net kills are a chance to finish the rally at the net. For a good kill, just take the shuttle early and hit it downwards.

Backhand clear: timing and distance

Many players swing too early on a backhand clear. Many hit the shuttle when it’s too close, or too far away.

Even very small changes in timing and distance can make a big difference to your power.

Dragging a foot in the backhand rearcourt

Dragging a foot can help you adjust the timing of your movement, without losing balance.

Net spin: do more with less

Practise keeping your net spin action short and simple. This will help improve your touch skills.

Wrist angle for smashes

Why do professional players use a wide wrist angle? Could they get more power if the wrist was at 90 degrees?

Basic footwork for rearcourt backhands

You need to turn your body and move towards the corner. The basic footwork is: split, step, lunge.

Backhand clears: stop or follow through?

When you hit a backhand clear, should you stop or follow through? Maybe the answer is not as simple as you think!

Fine-tuning the grip for backhand clears

As you get better at backhand clears, you may find it useful to change your grip slightly.

Wrist angle for backhand clears

Players often lose power because they over-extend their arm. Keep an angle at the wrist instead.

Backhand clears intro

Backhand clears are a difficult shot to master; but if you keep working on the technique, you can get there.