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Badminton shots and racket skills

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Grips are how you hold the racket. You need to learn about these early on, as we’ll refer to them all the time when learning shots.

Serve and return


Lots of information about the backhand low and flick serves, mainly from a doubles perspective. Also some advice about other serves.

Returning serve

Detailed information about preparing to receive serve. Some specific advice about the low serve return in doubles, and footwork for reaching the flick serve.

Shots near the net

Net shots

Basic straight net shots, net spin, and crosscourt net (both simple and deceptive).

Lifts from the net

Mainly defensive (high) lifts from the net.

Net kills

Normal net kills, plus brush net kills for when it’s really tight.

Shots from the middle

Smash defence

Currently just the basics of smash defence, for both singles and doubles (but of course, the basics are the most important part!).

Drives introduction

Let’s look at the technique for an attacking drive. We’ll start with the preparation and grip.

Shots at the back

Forehand clears and smashes

The basic hitting action (which is actually quite complex!), plus a simple tip for getting yourself into good hitting habits.

Drop shots

Intro videos for forehand and backhand drops, plus an article that also covers basic deception.

Backhand clears article

This article explains the basic technique for a backhand clear.