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Grips introduction

Grips are different ways of holding the racket. You need to get comfortable using a wide range of grips, because badminton has so many different shots and rally situations.

Learning the basic grips

You need to know a few different grips, because we’ll use these names when you’re learning a shot. Remember that these grips are only a starting point.

Grip principles

If you understand the principles behind grips, it will help you make sense of the details later.

Changing grips

You must be able to change between different grips, so that you can adapt to different situations in the rally. Grip changes need to be quick and accurate.

Adjusting your grip

You will need to adjust your grip depending on the rally situation. For example, you might change the angle of your grip when the shuttle is behind you; or you might shorten your grip at the net.

Grip size

Players often ask how thick their badminton racket handle should be: how many layers of grip tape should they add?