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Grips introduction

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Grips are different ways of holding the racket. You need to get comfortable using a wide range of grips, because badminton has so many different shots and rally situations.

One grip is not enough

In practice, many players use only one grip all the time. This is very limiting because it forces you to bend your body and arm around the shuttle position.

Instead it’s much better to change the grip in your fingers, so that you can get the strings pointing the right way, but also maintain good hitting mechanics.

Keep it in perspective

In the following videos, I will show you several different grips. It’s important to understand that these are only reference points — so that when I’m teaching you a shot, I can say something like use a thumb grip, and you’ll know what I mean.

Try not to think of these grips as a fixed position that you must copy exactly. Skilful players are flexible with their grip, and are constantly adjusting how they hold the racket, to suit the rally situation.

The shuttle can be in all sorts of different positions, relative to you. This is one reason that you need a flexible grip. We’ll talk about this more when we look at grip range.

Adjusting your grip can also help you hit different shots. For example, you might adjust your grip to help you hit cross-court instead of straight.