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Drop shot technique

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This article will teach you how to play drop shots, both forehand and backhand.

What are drop shots?

Drop shots are played from your rearcourt. You hit the shuttle softly downwards to land in your opponent’s forecourt area.

Drop shots are often referred to simply as drops.

Other terms that get confused with drop shots

Sometimes people confuse drop shots with net shots. These are completely different shots. The term net drop is especially unhelpful and is best avoided.

Drop shots are also different from blocks and pushes, which are played from farther forwards and in a flat or upwards direction.

How are drop shots used in badminton?

Drop shots are used extensively in both singles and doubles. They are primarily an attacking shot.

Drop shots are usually disguised to make the opponent expect a smash or clear. A good drop shot can be very deceptive, and can cause the opponent to reach the shuttle late and play a poor lift (giving an opportunity to attack).

Drop shots are also used defensively, especially in singles, as a maintaining or get out of trouble shot.

What this article covers

We’ll start by looking at the basic technique for playing a forehand drop shot, and how to vary the pace and direction. Then we’ll do the same thing for backhand drops.

After that, we’ll look at how to make your drop shots more deceptive.

…and what it doesn’t cover

We’re not going to cover sliced drop shots in this article. Slicing drop shots is a huge topic by itself.

We’re also not going to cover all the different variations, such as drop shots from the midcourt. This article is about playing drop shots from the rearcourt.

Playing hand

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Forehand drops
  3. Backhand drops
  4. Adding deception