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Badminton net shots guide

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Net shots are among the subtlest shots in badminton. A good net shot puts you in control of the rally — and sometimes even wins you the rally right away!

How to use this guide

This guide is primarily about technique, not tactics. In other words, the purpose of this guide is to teach you how to play net shots, not when to play them.

As you’ll read on the next page, there are lots of different types of net shots. I’ve tried to separate them out so you can learn one thing at time. The main sections are:

I’m also planning to add a section on spinning net shots, but it’s not ready yet.

You need to understand basic net shots before you move on to other types of net shot. It’s important to realise that the coaching points for these basic net shots create the foundation for playing all the advanced variations.

In each section, I include a separate page for overhand net shots. Overhand net shots use essentially the same techniques as their underhand counterparts, but there are some subtle differences.