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Using the long diagonals

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You can make your opponent move the farthest possible distance by moving him along a long diagonal.

What are the long diagonals?

Imagine drawing a line between your forehand rear corner and your backhand front corner. This line is a long diagonal.

There are two long diagonals: forehand to backhand, and backhand to forehand. Each diagonal measures 8.47 metres from corner to corner.

Forcing your opponent along the diagonals

You can easily force your opponent to move along the long diagonals. For example:

  1. You play a clear to his forehand.
  2. He plays a clear.
  3. You play a drop shot to his backhand.

This simple sequence of shots forces your opponent to cover a long diagonal. This is an effective way to apply movement pressure, because it forces your opponent to move the greatest possible distance.