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Posted 3 years ago

April was the cruellest month --- at least for my sickly old blog, because that's when I finally killed it off. Few shall mourn it, least of all I.

What was wrong with it? Two things:

  1. I used it badly, talking too much about technical gubbins.
  2. I hated the implementation.

In the spirit of (1), I'm not going to say much about (2) except that Wordpress makes my skin crawl. It was a bolt-on component that didn't fit in the with rest of the site. Going to the blog was like visiting a completely different website.

Now I finally have a new blog. I made it myself. You may notice there are no comments. That's not because I dislike comments, it's just much easier not to implement them.

So for now at least, the blog is for "broadcast", not discussion. If you'd like to chat, just get in touch. Later I hope to add a forum.