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No more sidebar

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Posted 7 years ago

For all the new pages, I am removing the sidebar.

Depending on when you're reading this, you might still be able to see the sidebar on this very page. It's that blue thing on the right, which says "Your account" and "Options".

Let's be honest. It's an idiotic waste of space. On many pages it looks ridiculous.

The sidebar will still be there for articles, because that's where the table of contents lives. Of course I could move the table of contents, but I don't want to waste time redesigning article pages.

For the new pages, removing the sidebar gives more space for the content. This means I can increase the text size so it's more readable. It also lets me put the videos into bigger boxes on the page.

I know that there are other design issues with the site. Unlike some modern sites, it doesn't adapt smoothly to different screen sizes (this is called responsive design). And it's hardly an elegant design. But these design issues will take time to fix, time that at the moment is much better spent on producing content.

Removing the sidebar was a quick and dirty hack. I am so glad to finally see the back of it.