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What is a split step, and why does it matter?

The split step allows you to make a fast start, while still covering different shots from your opponent.

Lunges introduction

Learn how to lunge safely and efficiently.

Lunge technique details

Let’s look at some details of lunge technique, such as sliding in the back foot.

Step out footwork

This pattern moves you directly to the forehand rear corner, using the shortest route and covering the most ground. It’s a safe option that will work when you’re under pressure. It’s also less tiring.

Jump out footwork

You can reach the shuttle early by jumping into the corner. It’s mainly used to intercept flat lifts or clears so you can play an attacking shot, often a smash.

Arc step footwork

The arc step takes longer than the other patterns for reaching the forehand rear court, but you get into a better position for hitting the shot.

Round-the-head footwork intro

When you’re playing shots from the rear court, a forehand is much better than a backhand. You get more power, your vision is better, and you can immediately recover forwards.

Round-the-head footwork: technique details

Details about the round-the-head movement, including how to cover distance and timing the scissor jump rotation.

Singles tactics article

This article provides a thorough introduction to singles tactics.

Doubles tactics article

This article covers doubles positioning and shot selection, with an emphasis on the need for attacking play.

Badminton rules

Simple rules for beginners, plus all the gritty details for resolving disputes at club nights!