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Lifts from the net

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Different types of lift

There’s more than one type of net lift. Let’s look at the difference between defensive, attacking, and mid lifts.

Basic lift technique

Let’s look at the technique for lifting from the net. Specifically, we’ll work on a mid lift.

Lift technique: using the forearm

Many beginners don’t use the forearm enough, while some experienced players use it too much.

“Drawing circles” to help learn lift technique

We know that forearm rotation should be used, but it can be hard to get the timing right. Let’s look at a simple exercise that can help.

Lifts: dealing with spin

Spinning net shots can make it difficult to control your lifts.

By lifting high and towards the middle (rather than a corner), you have a better chance of keeping the shuttle in the court.

Cross-court lifts

Before practising cross-court lifts, make sure that you can play effective straight lifts.

Cross-court lifts require only a few small changes to your hitting action.