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In-to-out net spin basics

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To get started with in-to-out spin, we’ll use a simple technique where you push the racket towards the net post.

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Start inside the line of the shuttle

When you are not playing spin, you just take the racket directly to the shuttle. To create the spin, that preparation must be changed.

The racket should start inside the line of the shuttle. It’s almost like bringing your racket to a different shuttle before starting the stroke.

Push to the post

From that starting position, create the spin by pushing the racket sideways and a little bit forwards. You need some forwards movement to make the shuttle go over the net.

Think about pushing your racket towards the net post.


For the backhand spin, I recommend using a backhand grip, or maybe a little bit towards thumb grip — but not all the way. Using a full thumb grip will restrict your arm too much.

For the forehand spin, use a partial panhandle. Bend back the wrist and allow the racket butt to come away from the palm, so that the racket head points forwards a bit.

In both cases, we’re choosing a grip that allows us to take the shuttle early. Many players take the shuttle lower when they play spin, and this is often due to the grip they are using.

Start with a bent elbow

Make sure your elbow is slightly bent when you start the stroke. Especially with the forehand spin, many players start with a straight arm. Bending the elbow is what lets you push through the shuttle.