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Backhand low serve

The backhand low serve

It’s hugely important to develop a good serve, because it’s the first shot of the rally. You’re more likely to win the rally if you start it well.

The backhand low serve is the main serve used in doubles and men’s singles. In this video, we’ll look at the doubles serve.

Backhand low serve: racket angles

Pointing your racket upwards too much can make your serve go high. You can also think about the angle of the racket shaft.

Backhand low serve: shuttle angles and position

How you hold the shuttle can make a big difference to your serve. There are several things to consider.

Backhand low serve: how and where to stand

Where should you stand when you are serving in level doubles? And how should you be standing?

Wide low serves

Changing the angle to serve wide or semi-wide.

Serving in singles and mixed

There are a couple of differences when serving in singles or as the man in mixed doubles.