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Terms of Service

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I realise this document is not easy to read. I plan on rewriting it to something more user-friendly.

In this document, words in capital letters take the precise meaning given by the definitions below. The pronoun he is used without implying gender.

These TERMS are a legally binding contract.

The COMPANY reserves the right to change these TERMS.

Membership and payment

  1. The COMPANY shall provide a service whereby a SUBSCRIBER may access VIDEOS and the SUBSCRIBER shall pay a monthly fee to access the VIDEOS.
  2. The monthly fee shall be charged in UK sterling (GBP). For the convenience of SUBSCRIBERs who are not familiar with the value of GBP, the COMPANY may display conversions into other currencies. SUBSCRIBERs should be aware that such currency conversion figures are provided only as an approximation, and are subject to change according to the exchange rate. Intermediaries, such as the SUBSCRIBER’s banking company, may levy their own charges for currency conversions. The COMPANY is not responsible for any such charges.
  3. This fee shall take the form of a recurring payment, automatically deducted from the FUNDING SOURCE that the SUBSCRIBER selected when beginning his SUBSCRIPTION.
  4. It is the SUBSCRIBER’s responsibility to keep track of his PAYMENTs. The COMPANY accepts no responsibility for keeping or supplying records of PAYMENTs.
  5. Except at its sole discretion, the COMPANY shall not issue any refunds to the SUBSCRIBER, for any reason.
  6. A SUBSCRIPTION shall entitle only the SUBSCRIBER to access the VIDEOS; the SUBSCRIBER is not entitled to share his access with any other person.
  7. In particular, it is strictly forbidden for the SUBSCRIBER to share his PASSWORD with any other person.
  8. The SUBSCRIBER shall also make reasonable efforts to ensure that his PASSWORD does not accidentally become known to another person.

Subscription content

  1. The COMPANY intends to periodically add new videos to the WEBSITE.
  2. However, the COMPANY accepts no obligation concerning either the quantity of VIDEOS to be provided, or the frequency or schedule of the provision of additional VIDEOS. The COMPANY also accepts no obligation concerning the quality, as perceived by the SUBSCRIBER or otherwise, of any VIDEOS provided.
  3. It is the SUBSCRIBER’s responsibility to provide appropriate equipment, software, and network access to view the VIDEOS.
  4. The COMPANY reserves the right to remove or modify any of the VIDEOS, at any time and without notice.
  5. The COMPANY shall make reasonable efforts to ensure a continuous service provision, such that the VIDEOS can be accessed by the SUBSCRIBER at any time. However, the COMPANY makes no guarantee of service provision and cannot be held responsible for interruptions of service.
  6. If the SUBSCRIBER is for any reason dissatisfied with the VIDEOS or the service provision, his only recourse shall be to cancel his SUBSCRIPTION.


  1. The SUBSCRIBER may cancel the SUBSCRIPTION at any time and without notice.
  2. Following cancellation of a SUBSCRIPTION, the COMPANY shall not withdraw the SUBSCRIBER’s access to the VIDEOS until the end of his PAID PERIOD.
  3. If the COMPANY has reason to believe the SUBSCRIBER has violated these TERMS, the COMPANY may immediately suspend his access to the VIDEOS and/or cancel his SUBCRIPTION. This clause takes precedence over all other clauses in these TERMS.
  4. Cancellation of the service is the SUBSCRIBER's responsibility. The SUBSCRIBER must execute this by cancelling the payment agreement with the PAYMENT PROCESSOR.

Ownership and distribution of the videos

  1. The COMPANY is the sole owner and copyright holder of the VIDEOS.
  2. The SUBSCRIBER is permitted to view the VIDEOS on the WEBSITE, but has no other rights over them.
  3. The SUBSCRIBER shall not download or otherwise copy or record the videos. Doing so would violate copyright.
  4. The SUBSCRIBER is strictly forbidden from distributing, or assisting in the distribution of, the VIDEOS in any form, in whole or in part, including but not limited to the following: electronic or physical media copies derived from the original video file, from the video stream in the browser, or from recordings or captures of either the file or the stream.
  5. Failure to comply with the above condition may result not only in the immediate termination of the SUBSCRIPTION, but may also lead the COMPANY to prosecute the SUBSCRIBER to the full extent permitted by law.

Data protection

  1. To operate the service, the COMPANY needs to store certain personal information about the SUBSCRIBER. This information will be treated in accordance with Data Protection good practice. See our privacy policy for details.
  2. The SUBSCRIBER agrees that the COMPANY may store this data outside the SUBSCRIBER’s country of residence.

Compliance with Distance Selling Regulations

  1. Distance Selling Regulations require sellers to provide a cooling off period of seven days, during which buyers may cancel the service and obtain a full refund. However, these cancellation rights end once performance of the service starts.
  2. The SUBSCRIBER agrees that the service starts immediately he is able to access the VIDEOS, and that therefore there shall be no refund of the initial payment. This does not affect the SUBSCRIBER’s rights as described in the cancellation section above: he may cancel the service at any time, in which case no further payments will be taken.

Applicable law

  1. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. In the event of any dispute, the SUBSCRIBER and the COMPANY shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


The person subscribing to the VIDEOS
Badminton Bible Ltd.
The collection of video content made available by the COMPANY to the SUBSCRIBER via the WEBSITE
The agreement between the SUBSCRIBER and the COMPANY, whereby the COMPANY provides access to the VIDEOS and the SUBSCRIBER pays a monthly fee
An instance of the monthly fee paid by the SUBSCRIBER to the COMPANY
The 31 days immediately following the most recent PAYMENT from the SUBSCRIBER
The bank account, Paypal account, or other source of funds from which the SUBSCRIBER, at the time of creating the SUBSCRIPTION, elects to provide PAYMENTs
The third party, such as Paypal or Worldpay, via whom the recurring payment agreement was created.
The terms and conditions laid out in this document
The password chosen by the SUBSCRIBER, which together with his username enables access to the VIDEOS