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The Badminton Bible teaches players how to improve their badminton.

From beginners to experts, every badminton player can learn something valuable here.

You can start with one of our free badminton articles, such as our guide to doubles tactics.

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Recommended reading

Our badminton articles are praised by coaches and players alike for their clarity, accuracy, and detail. Here are some suggestions to start you learning:

New: Backhand clear technique

Many players find backhand clears difficult, or even intimidating. This article will teach you the technique.

It turns out that backhand clear technique is actually quite simple. I’m not saying it’s easy, mind you!

Badminton grips guide

Most badminton players are forever stuck with bad technique, because they play with too tight a grip or hold the racket at the wrong angle.

Give your badminton shots a solid foundation by learning about grips!

Doubles Tactics

Are you attacking enough when you play doubles? Do you know how to divide up the court coverage between yourself and your partner? Do you know which shots to play?

This article explains the positional ideas and shot choices that are used by the best doubles players.

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