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Backhand clears intro

Backhand clears are a difficult shot to master; but if you keep working on the technique, you can get there.

Wrist angle for smashes

Why do professional players use a wide wrist angle? Could they get more power if the wrist was at 90 degrees?

The backhand low serve

It’s hugely important to develop a good serve, because it’s the first shot of the rally. You’re more likely to win the rally if you start it well.

The backhand low serve is the main serve used in doubles and men’s singles. In this video, we’ll look at the doubles serve.

Net shots: the basics

Net shots are played from the front of the court, gently over the net into the front part of your opponent’s court.

Net spin: do more with less

Practise keeping your net spin action short and simple. This will help improve your touch skills.

Grips introduction

Grips are different ways of holding the racket. You need to get comfortable using a wide range of grips, because badminton has so many different shots and rally situations.

Learning the basic grips

You need to know a few different grips, because we’ll use these names when you’re learning a shot. Remember that these grips are only a starting point.