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Bevel grip

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The bevel grip is mainly used for backhands in the rearcourt, such as clears or drop shots.

Start with a neutral grip. Now place the pad of the thumb onto the diagonal bevel. Make sure the thumb is not placed tight and flat against the handle; there should be a gap between the handle and the lower part of the thumb.

Now take this grip and cock the wrist into a thumbs up position. This is how the grip would be used when hitting a backhand in the rearcourt. It provides good leverage by rotating the forearm.

As always, the grip should be relaxed and cradled lightly in the fingers; it should not be held tightly in the palm.

Try bringing the index finger lower

As with all backhands, I find it more comfortable if the index finger is brought down closer to the other fingers. Try it and see what you think.