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Panhandle grip

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The panhandle grip is mainly used for forehand shots in front of your body. That means it’s useful for many forehands in the midcourt or at the net, but not in the rearcourt.

Start with a forehand grip, then use your fingers to turn the racket about 90 degrees. That will make the strings face the floor.

If you now bring your hand up and bend back your wrist, the strings will face forewards. This is a typical position for using a panhandle grip.

Another way to learn this grip is to pick your racket off the floor. Put your hand straight onto the racket handle, and pick it up without turning the racket in your fingers. Now wrap your fingers gently around the handle.

It’s called a panhandle grip because it’s similar to how you might pick up a frying pan! This is a another way you can learn the grip.

As always, the grip should be relaxed and cradled lightly in the fingers. It should not be held tightly in the palm.

Thumb placement

Since this grip is normally used for forehands, make sure that your thumb does not go straight up the side of the handle. Instead, the thumb should be relaxed, with the pad of the thumb off the handle.