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General overhead technique

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Overhead grip and contact point

Use a forehand grip and reach up for a high contact point.

Overhead preparation

Good overheads require good preparation. You can’t expect to hit hard if you leave everything till the last moment!

Different styles of preparation

Not everyone hits the same. Let’s look at some different styles of preparation. There is more than one correct way!

Early overhead preparation

Do you start your preparation for overhead shots early enough? And what can happen if you don’t?

The overhead throwing action

In coaching, we talk about the forehand throwing action, because the correct hitting action is just like an overhead throw. Practising throwing can help you learn overhead technique.

Overhead follow-through

You can fix a lot of technical errors in your overheads by correcting the follow through. It’s easy to understand and very useful.

Errors with overhead follow-through

Here are two very common errors with the follow-through. Both are bad for your technique, but one can wreck your arm too!

Arm rotation for clears and smashes

Arm rotation is essential for power in badminton. It’s used for all power shots, but it’s especially important for clears and smashes because they need the most power.