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Badminton grips guide

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This guide will teach you the best ways to hold a badminton racket, and how to choose the right grip for each situation.

Each badminton grip is illustrated with photographs from multiple angles. Other photographs show common mistakes.

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Why are grips important?

If you don’t hold the racket correctly, you will never produce good badminton strokes. Grips are the basis for all racket skills.

Using a good grip is the first step to mastering badminton. Here are some benefits of using a good grip:

Benefits of a good grip
  • More powerful smashes
  • More accurate net shots and serves
  • Stronger smash defence, and ready for both sides
  • Deceptive strokes

Using incorrect badminton grips will cripple your skill development. Here are some common problems caused by incorrect grips:

Problems caused by incorrect grips
  • Clears are too short; smashes are weak
  • Limited choice for the direction of your strokes
  • Difficulty coping when opponents hit towards your body
  • Obvious strokes that your opponents can predict

More than one grip

Many players use the same grip for every badminton stroke. This will limit their ability.

To play skilfully, you must learn the right badminton grip for each situation. For example, you need a different grip for a backhand serve than for a forehand smash.