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Badminton racket bevels

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This guide will use the racket handle bevels to describe the angle of the badminton racket in your hand, and the position of your fingers.

The badminton racket handle has eight bevels: the two wide bevels, the two narrow bevels, and the four diagonal bevels.

A wide bevel
A narrow bevel

Colouring the diagonal bevels

For the grip photographs in this guide, I have painted all the diagonal bevels blue so that they show up against the yellow colour of the racket handle.

A diagonal bevel
The diagonal bevels are painted blue

Numbering the bevels

Numbering the bevels

At the end of a badminton racket handle, there is a cap, which is usually marked with the manufacturer’s logo. Imagine that this cap is an octagonal clockface. In this guide, I number the bevels anticlockwise, starting from one of narrow bevels.

Since the racket handle is symmetrical, I only number the first four bevels. The other four are just repetitions.

So bevel 1 is a narrow bevel, bevel 2 is a diagonal bevel, bevel 3 is a wide bevel, and bevel 4 is another diagonal bevel. Then the numbering starts again with another bevel 1.