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Adjusting your grip for a smash

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In an ideal situation, the shuttle will be somewhat in front of you when you play a forehand smash.

In this case, it is natural to adjust the grip very slightly towards panhandle.

Bear in mind, however, that the adjustment should be small. Even a partial panhandle grip is too much!

This type of badminton grip adjustment will probably happen naturally. The difficulty is usually stopping players from shifting too much towards panhandle!

Also, remember that this will not work if the shuttle is level with or behind your body. Make sure that you don’t use this slight panhandle as a substitute for the forehand grip, as this will make many of your overheads worse.

Be careful!

Overuse of this grip will mess up your technique. Remember:

  • This only works when the shuttlecock is in front.
  • The shift towards panhandle is subtle.